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School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies

School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies

Enhance your professional opportunities, job security, and career success in the School of Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies. Whether it’s Pharmacy or Physician Assistant Studies, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to become a valuable health care professional.

Experiential education is a key component in our programs. Our innovative curriculums allow students to master the material in and out of the classroom. Discover the possibilities and learn how to power medicine and treatment plans in the community.

Biomedical Sciences, M.S.

Program Expected to begin May 2020

Due to developments in modern science, the role of biomedical sciences is expanding and through the University of Saint Joseph you can earn a master's degree that will help you start a career or advance your position in this emerging field of health care.

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Pharmacy Student


Students receive a rich education resulting in a Pharm.D. after three calendar years.

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Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Studies

As a valuable member of a health care team, you can be part of a collaborative approach to patient-centered care that enhances treatment plans and can improve outcomes.

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