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Academic Services

Student Support Services

Students can receive support in a number of important areas, ranging from help studying for exams and writing papers to selecting the right major and finding the perfect internship.

Students can find expert tutors, supplemental instructors, and writing tutors at the Center for Academic Excellence, dedicated and knowledgeable professional advisors in the Academic Advisement Center, and counselors in the Career Development Center who are well-connected with professionals in all industries in the Greater Hartford area.

Academic Advising

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Find the perfect major for you with the help of USJ’s academic advisors.

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Academic Excellence

Excel in the Classroom

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Develop Your Career

Prepare for the Future

Learn about your career options and make business connections under the guidance of the Career Development Center.

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Contact Us

Center for Academic Excellence
Phone: 860.231.5514
Email: [email protected]

Accessibility Service
Phone: 860.231.5481
Email: [email protected]

Career Development Center
Phone: 860.231.5893
Email: [email protected]

Academic Advisement Center
Phone: 860.231.5219
Email: [email protected]

Fast Facts

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Tour USJ

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Career Development

Gain career advice and guidance.

Make a Gift

Make a lasting impact.


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