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Great Faculty

Meet the exceptional faculty
at University of Saint Joseph.

USJ professors are not only experts in their fields, but also
great mentors, collaborators and true sources of support for our students.

Explore this section to learn more about our dedicated faculty.

School of Arts, Sciences, Business and Education

Christina Alevras Instructor of Biology
Ellen Anderson Chair, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Joshua Anderson Assistant Professor of English
Charity-Ann Baker Visiting Assistant Professor of Education/Special Education
Dennis Barone Professor of English and American Studies
Nancy Billias Chair, Department of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies
Raouf Boules Dean of the School of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education
Susan Budris Visiting Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Special Education
Kevin Callahan Professor of History, Chair, Department of History and Society
Ann Caron Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Reverend Cheah Professor of Religious Studies and Theology
Eric Chen Associate Professor of Business Administration
Jennifer Cote Associate Professor of History
Jesse Crandall Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Joanne Cunard Professor of Literacy in Education/Special Education
Agnes Curry Professor of Philosophy
Jerry Darling Professor of Physics and Chemistry
William Detrick Assistant Director of Off-Campus Programs
Ozlem Dilek Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Kathryn Dooley Assistant Professor of Special Education
Derek Dube Assistant Professor of Biology
Randa Elbih Assistant Professor of Education
Dalia Giedrimiene Professor of Biology
Steven Goldstein Associate Professor of Chemistry
Eileen González Assistant Professor of Education in Department of Education/Special Education
Isaac Gottesman Chair, Associate Professor of Education
Rammi Hazzaa Assistant Professor of Sports Management
Janet Howes Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Catherine Hoyser Professor of English
Steven Jarett Chair and Associate Professor, Business Administration
Anthony Johnston Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Leonidas Jones Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dorothy Keller Professor of Fine Arts
Jennifer Kowitt Assistant Professor of Special Education
Michelle Kraczkowski Assistant Professor of Biology
Ekaterina Lioutikova Chair of Department of Mathematics, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Kenneth Long Professor of History and Political Science
Joseph Manthey Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Kirsten Martin Associate Professor of Biology
Gloria Martin Instructor Department of Education/Special Education
Meredith McConnochie Assistant Professor of Education
Carol Millard Interim Chair, Assistant Professor of Biology
Charles Morgan Associate Professor of Biology
Susan Murphy Instructor of Dance
Ashley Oldham Assistant Professor of Education in Department of Education/Special Education
Rachel Payne Assistant Professor of Spanish
Benjamin Peters Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Kristen Procko '03 Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Irene Reed Associate Professor of Biology
Don Siler Assistant Professor of Education
Andrea Spencer Associate Professor of Education, Director of Off-Campus Programs
Wayne Steely Professor of Spanish
Lauren Tucker Assistant Professor of Education
Diana Valencia Chair, Professor of Spanish
Elisa Valenzuela Assistant Professor of Management
Sharon Ware Assistant Professor of Special Education
Dianna Wentzell Director of Clinical Education, Associate Professor
Mark Zelinsky Chair, Associate Professor of English
Hong Zhou Professor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Christopher Zito Associate Professor of Biology

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